James + Julia

Life has been more full since I’ve met you. James and Julia have such a unique love story and style, so we really wanted to capture that not only on the day, but in our edit as well. Having this love at the forefront provides a constant narrative in a very layered wedding film. Through each shifting sequence, the element of love remains. Whether it’s the couples personal letters on the day, a spectacular setting, an intimate first look or a kind remark from a loved one. We really wanted this film to pull at the heartstrings and remind the viewer…

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Michael + Nadia

You’re my first, my last, my everything. Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to explore a deeper part of our couples relationship. Such was the case for Michael and Nadia. We headed up to Port Stanley, Ontario at the tail end of the summer for their portrait film. We discovered that the location was very dear to their hearts. Starting from the very early stages of their relationship, Michael and Nadia would drive up to Port Stanley to catch the sunset, grabbing poutine and ice cream on the way home. As Michael touches on, it’s a peaceful…

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Edward + Lindsay

My light in the dark. It’s funny, no matter how many times we end up shooting down in Grand Bend, we’re still so surprised by the images we’re able to capture and the amazing spots we find ourselves shooting in. From our first initial meeting with Eddie and Lindsay, they told us just how important Grand Bend was to them. Living in Toronto, Grand Bend is their way to escape the hustle of the big city, to feel safe and slip away from their sometimes busy lives. So it was only fitting to know that their wedding ceremony would be…

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Morgan + Niousha

This is my husband and this is my wife. Morgan and Niousha’s wedding film is simply about the celebration of their love for one another. Together with their very close family and friends, they were married in one of the more intimate and private ceremonies we’ve had the pleasure of filming. We really wanted to give this film that intimate and private feeling and the ceremony space at Idlewyld Inn provided the perfect backdrop to this idea. Throughout Morgan and Niousha’s wedding day, you would be hard pressed not to find them smiling, laughing or just throwing a toying look…

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Vince + Laura

I will love you openly, fiercely and forever. With any wedding or film for that matter, setting plays such an important role. It sets the vibe of the wedding day and also helps reflect the personalities of the couple. With Vince and Laura, this was no exception. Together with their dog Barley, they made it official with a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Westover Inn – a location that has quickly become one of our favorites. Whenever we meet with couples and they say they’re doing their own vows, it’s like music to our ears. So when it came…

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Frazer + Marcy

Love gave us a fairy tale. We all know that you marry someone because you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, you love them like no other, this is no surprise. We know this going into any wedding day and seek to capture this idea on film. However, Frazer and Marcy floored us. It was quickly evident on the day that they are so emotionally invested in their relationship, they share this love that is almost tangible, it’s infectious and it’s a beautiful thing. It had us walking away from their wedding day, knowing that…

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