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About This Project

Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to explore a deeper part of our couples relationship. Such was the case for Michael and Nadia. We headed up to Port Stanley, Ontario at the tail end of the summer for their portrait film. We discovered that the location was very dear to their hearts. Starting from the very early stages of their relationship, Michael and Nadia would drive up to Port Stanley to catch the sunset, grabbing poutine and ice cream on the way home. As Michael touches on, it’s a peaceful place, a way to get away and disconnect from the city. This is an activity they still do to this day and it really reinforces the philosophy they share together, that if you do what you did in the beginning, there will never be an end.

Michael and Nadia held their wedding day at Whistle Bear in Cambridge, Ontario. Much like Port Stanley, this location offered a very serene backdrop and a real calmness you felt throughout the day. We wanted our cinematography to really capture this sense of calmness and serenity from both locations. We used smooth establishing shots, slow motion, carefully chosen music and finally culminating in a fast-paced and lively party sequence.

It’s safe to say we love this one!

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